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The Third Emmet Adolphus Dennis National Scientific Conference Proceedings

The National Public Health Institute of Liberia in partnership with the University of Liberia, other universities, training institutions, and research organizations in Liberia provide the academic platform for research.
At this conference, students and faculty have the opportunity to demonstrate research competence and share scientific findings. The conference also provides an avenue for surveillance officers to share experiences, and demonstrate the capacity built and competencies acquired through the FETP.
University and pre-tertiary students participating in the conference are expected to be motivated to build a career in health science and research through presentations of work done in Liberia during the COVID-19 pandemic and other projects being undertaken in the region, and the world at large.
The theme of this 3rd edition of the conference held from 29-31 August 2022, is “Maintaining Public Health During a Pandemic”.

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Contact: Chukwuma Umeokonkwo, African Field Epidemiology Network, P. O. Box 12874, Kampala, Uganda

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The Third Emmet Adolphus Dennis National Scientific Conference Proceedings (Conference Proceedings)

National Public Health Institute of Liberia, Liberia Field Epidemiology Training Program

Journal of Intervention Epidemiology and Public Health. 18 August 2023. 6(2): 1

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